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Our story

In 2009, Sarah Jane found herself laid off from the aircraft industry with one small child and another on the way. After searching her work options she realized her weekly check would be paying for daycare and not much else. As a family they decided her staying home with the children added more value than a weekly paycheck. She planted a garden to contribute to the household income by means of growing her own food. Canning became a part of that to fill the pantry for winter. Many times she would have a surplus and shared with friends and family, who wanted to pay her for the goodness she was giving them in jars, and so….the venture of Sarah Jane’s was born.

In 2017, Sarah’s husband, Shane, joined the business full time to help manage the continued growth. Shane & Sarah say working together as a team has allowed them to overcome more obstacles, taking the business to new levels. In the beginning, they grew all the produce in their own backyard but that eventually became an unreasonable task. The solution was to source the homegrown produce from local growers at the farmers’ market. They now source in season produce from growers located in Hutchinson, Conway Springs, and Milan, Kansas.

Sarah Jane’s currently has fifteen products: mild green tomato salsa, medium green tomato salsa, hot green tomato salsa, rocket fuel salsa, black bean & corn salsa, jalapeno jelly, jalapeno relish, chow chow, jalapeno mustard, breakfast burritos, breakfast casserole, crack chicken penne, taco casserole, and beef & chicken enchiladas. You can find Sarah Jane’s products in several retail locations throughout the state of Kansas. You may also visit their store in Argonia, where Sarah was born and raised. Meet the makers of Sarah Jane’s delicious goodies and tour the facility where their products are made.

Sarah Jane’s is dedicated to creating intense gourmet flavors with locally sourced ingredients. When you purchase their products you are not only supporting local growers but also a Kansas girl and her family with inspirations of fantastic food and living life without regrets.

Thank you for your support ~ Shane & Sarah Jane May