Rocket Fuel Salsa


Launch your taste buds into fiery flavor town! The carolina reaper measures in at over 2 million Scoville heat units and is officially the world’s hottest pepper. It gives our Rocket Fuel salsa a sweet and fruity flavor with exceptional heat. Is it hot? Absolutely. You will dip your chip again, the flavor is amazing! 16 oz. This salsa containing the world’s hottest pepper was fittingly inspired by KLOUDbusters, a high powered rocket club that epitomizes the best of high power rocketry in the United States. They enjoy pushing the limits on everything from fiery hot salsa to the biggest, baddest rockets you will ever see! These high powered rocketry enthusiasts and their families travel several times a year from all across the central USA to converge upon The Rocket Pasture located just outside of the city of Argonia, Kansas. There, they ignite their taste buds with Sarah Jane’s rocket fuel salsa and enjoy out of this world high powered rocket launches!